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I got Willow through the Humane Society and am so happy I did! When I first met her, she was super shy and was afraid of anyone or anything. She just sat in the corner of the room trying to stay away from me. I decided to take a chance on her and hoped she would come out of her shell once she was out of the shelter and traveling around with me in the van. It only took a few days for her to warm up to me and is now a very outgoing, confident and loving dog. She loves to camp (good thing, since that's what I do full-time) and explore the forest with me. She enjoys meeting the new people we meet along the way and loves playing with the other dogs in neighboring campsites. She can be a bit of a thief, though. She stole a spoon from a neighboring camper while he was making breakfast. She has also come back to camp with a lime, an avocado, several avocado pits and a t-shirt to name a few. She has also found dear feet/hooves at two camps, which is incredibly gross, but she enjoyed them.

Her name when I adopted her was "Bunny", but I didn't think she felt like a Bunny and she did not know her name was Bunny anyway. I was on the phone with my sister telling her about my new dog and that I wanted a different name for her. She did a Google search on the most popular girl's names in Australia and Willow was in the top 10. We both thought Willow was a great name and after just a few weeks, she knows that she is Willow. She is also very smart and is enthusiastic during our training sessions. She keeps a good eye on camp and alerts me to any intruders. I woke up in the middle of the night one night to her barking, looked out the window and there was a moose walking through camp. She doesn't miss much!

Australian Cattle Dogs have an abundance of energy and we satisfy that need to expend energy by playing catch with her ball. I use a ChuckIt! thrower and can really get some distance on my throws. It takes quite a bit to wear her out. As of this writing, I've only had her for a few months, but I can already tell she is going to be one of the best dogs I've ever had.

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Willow -1st Day In Van Rasta Bench Willow - Queen of the Van Flare Dog In The Trees Willow On Rocks With Meeker Mountain Willow's Watering Holes Willow Side Markings View Willow With Sun In Her Eyes Willow Face Profile  Willow's Beloved Toy Willow Catching the Scent of Something Willow Portrait Willow Chewing Found Object Willow Shadow Camouflage Willow Chilling at the Campsite Willow Making New Friends the Dog Way Willow Chasing a Neighboring Camper's Dog Willow Relaxing  in the ARB Tent Willow In Tent 2 Willow Hanging Out at Our Dispersed Campsite Willow Is Always on the Lookout Willow Decides My New ARB Fridge is a Good Place to Hang Out Higher Ground for Better Views lightbox jquery htmlby v6.1

The products listed below are fantastic. The ball launcher is a classic and the bed fits easily in its stuff sack and is very compact. The collar is one of the few I found that has a separate ring for tags, is available in many colors/sizes and has excellent reflective qualities.
Willow highly recommends these pet products and gives two paws up!