National Forest Dispersed Camping Photo Gallery - Johnny Park Area - Fall 2017

The gallery below shows a campsite in the Johnny Park area of Roosevelt National Forest. The elevation is about 8700' and in an area with many established dispersed camping sites. During this foggy camp, I tested out my new wood stove and how I will use it inside my 3-wall tent in the winter. You can see the stovepipe angles out in a couple of the pictures with a silicone flashing kit that will attach to the tent wall. With the tent up and the wood stove cranking out the heat, my hope is that it will keep me nice and warm.

Camping in the fog with my new woodstove Stove pipe is straight for use outside the awning Even on a foggy day, I was still generating power from my solar panels. Picture the tent wall here with the stove pipe going through the tent wall via the flashing kit Woodstove with water heater It was chilly overnight, but sitting next to the stove was very comfortable!