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One thing I've learned is that finding great products can be a bit "trial & error", so I'm including links to the pet (dog) products that I think are worth having, especially for van life. All links open in a new window/tab so you won't lose this page. Full disclosure: I make a small commission from these links, so please click away! Willow says thank you!

Blueberry Pet 10+ Colors Soft & Safe 3M Reflective Pastel Color Neoprene Padded Dog Collars
Boy, are there a lot of dog collars out there. I got this one because it's one of the few that have a separate attachment ring for dog tags. With previous collars, I've accidentally attached a leash to dog tag rings, which aren't very strong. This one has a ring for tags and a ring for leashes. It is also very reflective, which I think is important if your dog goes out after dark. I must have looked at several dozen collars before deciding on this one.

ChuckIt! Ball Launcher
If you have an athletic dog that likes to chase balls, then this is one product you really need. I've had many of these over the years and it's one of my favorite "toys". It's definitely Willow's favorite toy!

Not only can you launch a ball further than you might think, it prevents you from having to touch a slobbery, gross ball.

It's essentially an old school "atlatl" device... like stone age old! But instead of throwing spears or darts, these throw balls.

They're available in several sizes/colors. I have the 26" version and it's easy to stow in the van.

Don't forget the extra balls as you're bound to lose them occasionally.

Chuckit! Travel Bed - Comfort on the Go - Blue/Gray - One Size
Even though I'm always on the road or camped and limited space, I wanted my dog to have her own bed. This one comes with a stuff sack and it's really easy to find the room in the van for it. The first time I put it out for her, she laid right down and knew it was hers. She loves it!

Kurgo Splash Free Wander Water Bowl, No Spill Dog Travel Bowl
Driving with a dog's water bowl is usually a no-win scenario. But then I discovered this water bowl. It actually works great to have water in a bowl without the normal spillage. I want my dog to have access to water whenever she needs it, and just because I'm driving to another camp doesn't mean my dog has to go without. It's the perfect van life product for those with dogs. Available in blue or red.


The Stuff I Recommend...

Everything on this list is stuff I own and have used. I have only put items on this list I feel comfortable recommending and have excluded many items I own that I'm not real happy with. If I list it, it's the good shit!